Positivity in Uncertain Times

Positivity in Uncertain Times

The uncertainty and fear associated with COVID-19 can loom large in our minds. More than ever we need to be intentional about our use of positive emotions.

Evidence-based research identifies that positive emotion builds our personal resources, enhances resilience and broadens our repertoire of thoughts and behaviours.

Now more than ever I encourage you to consciously practice increasing positive emotion every day. Here’s a few strategies:

  1. Consciously reframe situations to focus on what was positive.
  2. View challenge as an opportunity to grow. What else is possible?
  3. What we put our attention on grows, if we’re constantly looking at the negative, the neural pathways for negative thinking become stronger. Instead focus on acts of kindness and gratitude and positive forces in your life.

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Testimonial about positive practices
“I believe many problems are that people cant project a positive as it feels like their world is coming to an end. That’s when you take yourself out of the now and project to the possible. Sangeeta shared this philosophy with many a few years back…it worked for me then and it will work for me now. The interesting thing is the lesson learnt made me a much stronger individual as I now have ownership” https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6647148232013160448/

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