The dynamics of conflict and outcomes with clients

The dynamics of conflict and outcomes with clients

Conflict is a term to describe a process or state between two or more individuals or groups of people who perceive that their values or needs are incompatible at some point in time. Conflict is not good or bad, it is the way we respond to conflict that creates the negative or positive results.

In the workplace conflict can occur from many sources including: misinformation; different perspectives or interpretations; competing interests; emotions and styles; differences in values; use of power; time constraints and resourcing issues.

When conflict occurs it can be covert or overt. Covert forms of conflict include sabotage, non-cooperation, and gossip. Overt forms of conflict include complaining, blaming, arguments, anger, hot button words and threats. The impact is that people feel unsafe, and need strategies to communicate and work together.

 As an accredited mediator, workplace coach and emotional intelligence specialist, I specialise in helping people constructively express their perspectives, understand styles and strengths, challenge unproductive behaviour, harness options and generate new commitments. She also works with individuals, pairs and teams to observe interactions and guide meetings as people progress towards new effective ways of working together.

Testimonials relating to outcomes from mediation and conflict coaching

Here’s what some of my clients have said:

“Thank you Sangeeta. We certainly are happy with the outcome and although it is early days, working with (other party’s name) today is pleasant, engaging and productive. All the component parts I was hoping for”

“Thank you for your guidance and facilitation as mediators during the mediation. It was understandably harrowing, but I felt supported: your guidance helped me focus on outcomes and creating a working relationship”

“Thanks again for working with us, and thanks also for the follow-up. I have spoken with (names of parties), and the overall feedback is consistently positive, with both telling me that they found the process effective and the outcomes positive”.

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