Some comments by readers

I am loving your book, very accessible. Congratulations on that

Grace McCarthy Head of School of Management and Marketing, UOW

It really is the most practical and inspiring book. And also on point about supportive and constructive conversations when they are needed, not just when they are scheduled
Linda Garske, National Sales Manager, Herrmann Asia

This book is an outstanding achievement. it will be great for managers who want to improve their coaching leadership style, for HR Practitioners, for new coaches who need all the models and tools in one place and for practising coaches to extend themselves toward mastery. I encourage you to buy it!!!

Lindy Bryant Mentor/Executive Coach

This is a very readable book which offers many interesting ideas and strategies. All of these are backed by solid evidence and stories about successful implementation, making the book both practical and useful. Highly recommended!

Rakesh Kumar Professor (Retired) UNSW

We are all expected to be leaders in the workplace. This is a great handbook and a very good read, to assist in the day to day of life,

Brian Evans, Client Executive, Agile Digital

A very insightful l read with easy to follow strategies that can be implemented now. Will definitely help the reader to look at everyday challenges in a new light and provides them with the tools and mindset to think differently and move forward to positive outcomes

Dean Milton, Technology Consultant

This book delivers on what it says it will. Fast strategies that anyone can use

Verified Amazon Review.

This is simply a brilliant book. Every page of every chapter has something useful to offer. This is not only for leaders or business executives but for anyone who is interested in improving the culture and dynamics of their workplace. It goes even further than this and many of the messages contained within it can be extrapolated to help in interpersonal relationships and to just be a more productive, efficient and engaging person. Congratulations to the authors for creating a book that is so well-structured, so easy to read and yet so powerful in the advice and suggestions that it provides. A must-have not only for leaders but for anyone who just wants to be a better person

Verified Amazon Review

This book successfully integrates theories, stories and self-reflection activities resulting in a practical user guide for anyone who works with people

Verified Amazon Review.

Excellent book. Gives great insight and reading this will definitely help improve workplace culture and ethics and improve relationships at workplace. WORTH READING AND OWNING ONE

Verified Amazon Review.

For leaders who need inspiration for coaching – this is a wonderful resource

Sarah Foster, Verified Amazon Review

Great book with detailed strategies. Can’t wait to use them in the workplace

Anna P, verified Amazon Review.


About my book  In the Moment Coaching for Leaders

“In the Moment Coaching for Leaders has much to offer anyone interested in utilising coaching skills in a leadership context. By presenting coaching as an expansive endeavour (not merely focused on performance), Sangeeta and Jane challenge readers to think about coaching in an holistic way, along with practical exercises for exploring such an approach. By organising  the book in this way, readers are offered the chance of a rich learning experience.