Unlock Your Potential

Tailored support to clarify career direction

At Achievement Zone Coaching, we help you identify what you’re passionate about, so that you can fulfil your potential. We help you identify roles that will energise you and we help you steer clear of roles that will be draining. Having purpose in our work is critical to career satisfaction and research confirms that people with a sense of purpose are more intrinsically motivated and engaged.

I bring proven systems to help you bring this to life and achieve career success.

  1. Think about what you like in the packages below
  2. Contact us to discuss your needs
  3. Receive a competitive quote
  4. Work with a credentialled Career Coach who cares about your success and provides you with personalised service that is second to none
  5. Services can be face to face or virtual

Here’s what we do:

Career Direction/Career Transition Package

  • You will receive a 90 minute coaching debrief on what energises and denergises you with the Strengths Profile tool and achieve clarity on roles that feel purposeful, energising and unlock your strengths and identify action
  • An additional one hour session will embed success and overcome challenges

CV Coaching

Help me get my CV right

At Achievement Zone Coaching, we bring your CV alive by listening to who you are, what you’ve achieved and we work with you to create a powerful branding statement that gives you the edge and lets employers clearly know what you can do for them. We bring significant experience with CV editing across the public and private sector at all levels.

In this package we provide you with personalised one-on-one and remote support with a qualified and accredited career practitioner.

We do this by:

  • A one hour meeting (face to face or virtual) to identify and capture what is unique about you and your experiences. We provide this to in written format as part of the service with edits and suggestions
  • Advice to structure your CV
  • An additional one hour of editing and suggestions to strengthen your CV
  • Final check before you submit

Alternative CV support:  If you would prefer some quick tips and advice on how to structure your CV and get some professional tips and suggestions, we can provide one hour of personalised CV support Face to Face or by Zoom/Phone (or similar).

Application Support Coaching

Help me get my written application right

At Achievement Zone we care about helping your application get shortlisted for an interview. We will review your application, provide edits and suggestions so that your application is authentic in its expression and effectively highlights your experiences and achievements with active voice.

Interview Skills Coaching

Help me nail the interview

At Achievement Zone Coaching, we help succeed at the interview. You will receive personalised one-on-one and remote support with a qualified and accredited career practitioner.

You will receive:

90 minutes of tailored interview practice

A Questions Resource to take away for further practice

Strategies for obscure or difficult questions, for nerves or other obstacles you encounter

Coaching to excel at work

So you’re in a role you love and would appreciate sounding board help to be more effective and influential with ideas, communication and relationships. Receive support from a highly qualified and accredited professional coach.

In the Moment Coaching Support

Clients that purchase three or more sessions become eligible for in-the moment coaching support. This means we get to know you and understand you and then give you access to quick in-the-moment coaching sounding board support with a dedicated coach when you need it over the phone or by Skype.

(Minimum purchase is 5 x 15 minute brackets)

The mix-it up package

I need bits and pieces from the above

What it includes: One-on-one and remote support with a qualified and accredited career practitioner.

Choose the elements you want and I will design and quote what will suit your needs.

Career Workshops

At Achievement Zone Coaching we deliver career workshops to help your clients or staff get clarity with branding and career satisfaction as well practical support in articulating achievements, structuring their CV and learning CV tips and techniques and  how to excel at interviews.


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