My aim as an executive coach, facilitator and mediator is to build rapport with clients and develop ongoing, professional relationships. The focus of my work is on getting to know my clients – and unlocking their potential, using a variety of techniques and strategies.

My clients – individuals, groups and organisations – are given the option of utilising relevant diagnostic tools to support the coaching and facilitation process. I am an accredited practitioner of a range of validated assessment tools, as outlined with the main benefits, below.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

The HBDI tool will help you identify and understand thinking preferences and behaviours. In our debrief, you will identify strategies that will enhance communication, relationships, decision making and problem solving. I provide HBDI debriefs with individuals, pairs (for example, manager and team member) and teams.

More information about the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument can be found here.


The DiSC profile will helpunderstand behavioural styles and differences. DiSC provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviours with others. The DiSC assessment uses neutral language and is written in the first person to the respondent. It is a personal development tool to help you improve relationships and their workplace effectiveness.

Further reading about DiSC Profiles can be found here.

Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment Scale

The Genos Assessment Scale helps you identify strategies for improved performance and outcomes in the workplace. It provides many report options, including 360-degree feedback, 180-degree feedback and self-rater reports. The reports are tailored to developing your leadership capability if you manage people, or work outcomes if you are in a team member or aspiring manager.

Read more about Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment Scale here

Strengths Profile

This tool will assist you to harness your strengths and minimise the impact of your weaknesses. Research confirms that when we utilise our strengths consciously, we experience greater satisfaction, engagement and productivity. Through the debrief process, we will decide on actions to enhance outcomes and unlock your potential.

You can read more about the Strengths Profile toolhere

Full Circle 360

The Full Circle 360 tools will provide you with 360-degree feedback, and through this, will help you obtain a realistic view of strengths and opportunities and then map a specific path for leveraging these strengths and developing the opportunities. It also helps teams improve their communication and trust in one another and allows organisations to develop better career planning and training for their employees.

Read more about Full Circle 360 here.

Reach™ EcoSystem

What Is REACH™EcoSystem?

The REACHEcoSystem Profile identifies preferences and tendencies in how people approach common circumstances. These preferences and tendencies combine to reveal four Leading Profiles (Coach, Counsellor, Driver, and Advisor). The agility people bring to the four profiles makes a difference in how individuals and teams relate to others and achieve goals, and is referred to as an individual’s REACH

Learn more about REACH™EcoSystem here

It is important to me that my clients feel completely comfortable about why and how these tools are being integrated into the coaching process – so questions are encouraged!

Please contact me to discuss the benefits of these tools for you.